Aside from a high-quality electronic cigarette, you also need a good e liquid when you are vaping to make sure that you will have an enjoyable experience. In fact, vaping will never be possible without an e-juice. It is regarded as the highlights of vaping because it is the substance that is turned into vapor, which serves as your ‘smoke’. Therefore, you need an e-liquid that will satisfy your taste so you will get to enjoy the experience regardless if you are a newbie or advanced user.


gfasgfagfagasE-liquid fuels an electronic cigarette. Through the atomizer or vaporizer, it will be transformed into vapor, which will be released like a ‘smoke’ when you take a drag. Unlike tobacco products, the vapor does not have a lingering smell that could irritate the people around you. Depending on the flavor of the e-juice that you are using, the vapor will have an aroma or fragrance, but it does not smell like tobacco. You won’t have to worry about an annoying odor that stays on your clothes or hair and even on the walls and curtains if you are vaping in an enclosed area.


The flavoring of the e-liquid is actually what adds more fun to your vaping experience. And when it comes to the flavors, you have tons and tons of choices. If you take a look at the website of the online store Smokshop, you will see the best tastes of e-juices. You can have Strawberry Menthol, Vanilla, Cranberry, Blueberry, Virginia Blend, USA Mix just to mention a few of the best e-liquids that are available in the marketplace.

Nicotine level

You can also use a vaping juice with different nicotine levels. You will find full strength, moderate or medium strength, and light or minimal strength. So, whenever you purchase an e-liquid to fill your e-cig with, always check the indicated ml of nicotine level. The higher the content, the greater the strength and the ‘throat hit’ would be. For advanced users, they normally utilize full flavors to get the hit that is so much alike when smoking real tobacco products.

Where to get the best e-liquid?

gasgasgfaasE-liquids are being sold in many places. Usually, you can find them at the stores that are selling vapor kits or e-cigarettes. You can also get them from online shops like Smokshop. Just a friendly reminder, make sure that you purchase your vaping juice only from certified stores or dealers.

What you need to know about E-liquid
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