There are several e-liquids and vape juices currently on the market. However, the e-liquids used in the e-cigs fall in different categories. There are those that are for the experienced users while some are for the novices. Many e-cigs users have asked about the best e-liquids. This read consists of the best e-juices for the beginners that are based on the opinions of both the seasoned and the inexperienced smokers.

General information

Best E-liquids for the novices

Most of the e-cigs novices usually start vaping with the mouth to lung style. They inhale the vapor into the lungs and bvxzwqexhale it which is similar to the traditional cigarettes. This usually involves a more restricted flow of air.

The e-liquid that is used for the mouth to lung vaping usually contains a higher PG ratio. It provides more of the throat hit which mimics the smoking experience.

Black Note

The Black Note is one of the best e-liquids in 2016. They are a naturally extracted tobacco mixer that focuses on the realistic tobacco flavors. They are available in different blends; this is to suit the taste of the users.Some of these blends include the Cavendish blend and the prelude which is a smooth and mellow blend. The juice cost about $30 for the 30 ml.

Five Pawns

The Five Pawns is another top brand as far as the e-cigarettes are concerned. It is one of those mixers that all the stakeholders know about and understand. It offers a consistently delicious range of juices. They have a broad variety of e-juices which are popular with the different categories of the e-cig users. The Grandmaster and the Castle Long are the particular favorites for this brand. A 30ml bottle of this brand goes for about $28.


nbbbbbbThe VaporFi is another great e-cig juice going by the overwhelming votes that it receive. This brand did extremely well in the best e-juice brand poll. The Reserve Collection was, however, the one that was chosen by most people as the ultimate choice.

VaporFi did pretty well in our best e-juice brands poll, but we’d individually class the Reserve Collection as among our favorite juices. The collection features premium flavors, offering more sophisticated and well-crafted blends such as the banana and custard Monkey Business and the melon berry and guava Northern Lights. The juices cost $19.99 for 30 ml. The Grand Reserve collection, which offers six even higher-end blends, is also available for pre-order.

The Best E-juice, E-Liquid, and Vape Juices of 2016
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