Gaining mass is not all about intense training all day all night. Some people manage to retain or even gain mass with minimal training. So what’s the secret? It’s all about both training and nutrition. Training hard without giving a heck about diet is, in fact, a waste of time. So which is the best diet to gain mass? Here is a list of top five diets that will give you more strength, so you gain mass.

Here are some good food for gaining body mass


Eggs should top your list of best diets as you walk the path of gaining mass. It contains Choline, the right type of fat, nine essential amino acids, vitamin D and high-quality proteins. They are indeed the most value for your money and unlike other diets, eggs are not in any way harmful to your health as reported by several studies.

Skinless Chicken

Like eggs, skinless chicken is another best source of high-quality protein hence best for repair and maintenance of muscle and maintenance of your weight. One good thing about this excellent diet is that there are so many ways you can cook. If you walk down the store, you’ll get chicken meat that’s cut into numerous serving services you can quickly season and cook.

Lean Beef

If you want to gain mass, lean beef should be your staple diet. Why should this be the case? Lean beef has all you need for healthy muscle growth. Three-ounce pieces of lean beef equate to around 154 calories only yet it has essential nutrients that include B-vitamins, zinc and iron. Also, it has high-quality proteins like the diets above.

Whey Protein

Whey protein supplements are no doubt the best supplement for bodybuilders and those looking to gain more mass. They are a convenient source of protein and affordable to all. For the best results, take the supplement when you wake up and immediately after your training or workout. However, do not rely completely on whey protein. You should also get some whole foods to help you gain mass.

Cottage Cheese

k76u5y4Not many of us know that this is the best source of casein protein, which is perfect for maintenance of muscles. If you intend to train or work for a long period without eating, then this is the best diet to keep you safe. Cottage cheese is also one of the best sources of calcium, vitamin B12 and nutrients useful for mass gaining and bodybuilding in general.

Now you know which is the best diet to gain mass and that nutrition plays a key role in your quest to gain weight. Knowing how to choose the best diets is, therefore, one of the surest ways to gain mass and general body fitness.