Hans J. Wegner barely needs an introduction in furniture design. He is one of those who have revolutionized the 20th-century furniture fashion. His Danish design furniture styles strike the eyes of most fashion enthusiasts around the world. Perhaps, Wegner has been dubbed the Master of Chairs’ by some of his colleagues.sdfhtgjyrh

His programmatic approach in designing rocking chairs has made him stand out both in accuracy and timeliness. J16 rocking chair by Hans J. Wegner has remained the most adored classic chair. The wegner gyngestol was introduced many decades ago in 1944. However, one unique thing about the chair is that it has never faded in fashion.

Hans J. Wegner’s Inspiration

According to Hans J. Wegner, a completely stylish and comfortable chair does not necessarily need to have a back side but must be appealing from and angles and sides. His inspiration prompted him to come up with J16, a chair that offers both ergonomics and freedom of movement to the user. Perhaps, it has been ranked the leading rocking chair in its category. Wegner’s primary goal was to make both a comfortable as well as a supportive chair.

Unique features of J16

J16 is exceedingly supportive and comfortable making it easy to the back and neck. When used together with a footstool, one can fall asleep. To some extent, Wegner must have considered the importance of proper spine alignment during the design process. A small cushion is installed which makes it not to slip or slide when one is sitting or getting up from the chair.

For maximum stability, the chair is equipped with two side cross bars at the legs which also act as floor protectors. Therefore, the chair won’t scratch the floor or slip. The overall seating angle of the chair makes it easy to sit and rise with the least effort. Instances of neck and back pain or stiffness are all solved. Anyone suffering from the degenerative spine, joint disease or rheumatoid disease can comfortably use the chair without compromising their condition.

J16’s specifications

tuthyjuktilfjThe chair measures 25 inches wide, 36.5 inches in depth and 42 inches high. This caters for the seating needs of most people of different heights. J16 rocking chair by Hans J. Wegner is available in different color choices such as beach/natural seat, black/black seat, oak/natural seat and white/natural seat. It is the most versatile chair that can be used in different settings such as doctor’s office, at home, dining or as an occasional chair. It is the best choice for anyone seeking for comfort and style.

J16 Rocking Chair by Hans J. Wegner Reviewed