There are certain things that you should factor in when choosing a web host. The criteria for selecting a commercial and free web host vary slightly. This blog addresses both kinds of web host and provides the best solution in choosing such type of hosting. The best web hosting companies here will provide professional services that are satisfactory. This article is going to concentrate on the factors to consider when choosing a free web host.



Most of the free web host service providers usually impose different types of advertisements on the website. This ishjnnmklkm done to over for the costs of the internet site since it is a free web service and the associated services. Some service providers may require you to place the banners on your pages, whereas there are others that will display a window and pop it up every time the site loads.
Many people are not able to withstand the advertising frame and are usually quick to cancel them or look for an alternative site altogether. It is, therefore, important to check which method that you are most comfortable with.

The amount of web space

The amount of web space is another important factor that you should consider. It is important to ask yourself if it has enough room to cater for your needs. If you are thinking of expanding in future, it may be wise if you choose the one which can be easily extended. Most websites use the web space of less than 5 MB. This is despite the fact that some of these websites have more than 200 pages on the same internet site. What is best for you will depend on the number of photos that your page use, the video clips, the sound files, and the number of pages just but to mention a few.

FTP Access

jkmbvxzswqThe FTP is the most popular method that individuals use to transfer their web pages and files from their computer to the host of the internet company. The intention of this is so that it can be viewed by anyone in the world.
Most of the free hosting service providers will only permit you to design your page on their online site builders. This is an excellent platform for the beginners but not the experienced individuals. The FTP access is, therefore, crucial as it enables the website users to upload images from the browser or using the email.

How to Choose a Free Web Host
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