Whether you are looking to ensure that your company safeguards client data or it’s a legal obligation that you destroy documents once they are no longer needed, it’s vital that you choose a reliable media and paper shredding company that can take care of your shredding needs.

They offer many gains when compared to other businesses, and that is what makes them highly effective and efficient. Gone are the years when you had to waste time doing ridiculous tasks like shredding paper or hard drives in your office or home.

Scheduled Shredding

While some businesses have a few scraps of paper daily, others may get rid of a large volume of documents. Choosing Chesapeake Paper Systems means that you can decide to have to shred once in a while or regularly. Regular shredding will ensure that you stay on top of your trash, reduce the space used to store the paper piles and enable you to destroy documents regularly thus lessening the risk of them falling into evil hands.

Professional Grade Shredding

2Regular shredders shred documents in a single direction making the material recoverable by data thieves. It may take lots of time, but the potential rewards and gains far outweigh the trouble. Once the record is recovered, it can be scanned or used in that state. Chesapeake Paper Systems provides professional grade shredding meaning that the documents are unrecoverable after shredding.

Saves Money

You don’t have to pay extra money rewarding employees to complete shredding tasks within your office or home. If you have a medium to a large amount of waste paper, you may end up spending more money and taking one of your employees from their daily duties that are necessary to the success of your business. With Chesapeake Paper Systems you can let your employees continue running your organization.


With some shredding services, you need to worry about sending the documents away for shredding and the staff that collect the paper and hard drives for transit. It’s possible that some of them may get lost during transit making the whole process useless. With Chesapeake Paper Systems the documents and hard drives will be collected in containers and then shredded outside your premises for total security.

Helps Build Trust

3The fact that Chesapeake Paper Systems allows clients to witness the shredding process if they wish means that they can verify that the shredding occurred. Some customers are very demanding when it comes to safety, and it gives them a piece of mind that the shredding was done thoroughly and appropriately. Don’t shy to walk away from companies that are not willing to show you the destruction process first hand because there is no way you can ensure the process was done correctly and efficiently. Having important documents seized can damage your reputation and cost you a fortune when your clients eventually discover what transpired. Choosing Chesapeake Paper Systems means that you can prove the destruction without wasting time.

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