What interest most people other than buying fancy and fashionable clothes is getting a great deal on clothes. Whether you are a regular shopper or not everyone needs clothes through the year, but it can sometimes prove difficult to determine the best time to shop for clothes. Click here for the 20% off purchase as far as buying clothes is concerned. Timing is an important consideration in sales and retail and here are some of the best times for buying clothes.

Best day to buy clothes


If you are looking to buy clothes, then the day after Christmas is the best time to score the deal. Once the charismas frenzy is over retailers will tend to subsidize prices of their items to move their products. When it comes to other seasons, Thursday evenings are the best time to make your purchases especially if it has been six weeks after the clothes arrival on the store. This is because; if clothes stay more than six weeks before they are sold then managers will tend to lower the prices. Most of the offers tend to be part of the weekend sales that starts off on Thursday.

Buying year round clothes

January is usually a slow month for a lot of retailers, and most of them prefer offering discounts on items that would hardly go on sale such as suits. Particular jeans sell as the season progresses, but October is the best month if you are looking for the everyday jeans. It’s also advisable to check your calendar the next time you go shopping so that you can take advantage of the steep discounts.

Shopping clothes online

According to an analysis made by a San Francisco Company that took into account more than 750,000 sales items from over 200 online retailers showed a unique clothes buying pattern. For those who love shopping on Mondays, they can save up to 50% on men’s and women’s dress pants. You should also expect to save 40% on men’s apparel on Tuesdays and the same percentage of shoes and children clothes on Wednesdays.

Best times to buy sneakers, swim suit and winter coat


If you are looking to buy sneakers, then November and April is one of the best times to do so. Winter coats should be purchased in January or February, but most people would have them before then. It’s better for you to get the clothes early enough since the longer you wait, the worse the selection you get. When it comes to swimming suits, sales tend to begin in the summer, but by September stores are always looking to sell off of them.


Best time to buy clothes
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